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We offer a full range of shipping options for anything from a single item to a complete home removal. With years of hands on experience we have successfully shipped to practically every country on the map. Cargo Lord Ltd has a reputation for efficiency and reliability. It offers a variety of services for the convenience of its customers. These services include:
Competitive Prices.

  1. Collections of items throughout the UK.
  2. Packing and Security Banding.
  3. Storage Facilities.
  4. Door to Door Services.
  5. Port to Port Service.
  6. All Documentation (I.e. AWB/HAWB).
  7. Availability of Boxes and Packing Material.
  8. Sea/Air Fright throughout the world.
  9. Special rates for frequent Destination.
  10. LCL.
  11. FCL.
  12. Excess Baggage.
  13. Car Export.

We are specialist for any size of cargo to Pakistan, we can get it delivered to your home address. We are 70% to 80% cheaper than main stream courier companies.

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