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Saudi Arabia to UK Door to Door

cargo Lord Ltd is proud to announce new service to all people traveling to and from Saudi Arabia to UK or Europe , we offer very competitive rates on your Personal Effects.


Question : How will it work ?

Answer: it’s quite simple , you will call us , provide us the details of the cargo and address of collection along the contact number in Saudi Arabia , we will get someone to collect from the hotel or house.

Question : Do we have to collect from Airport or will it get our door step ?

Answer: Either way , you can collect from airport or we can arrange to deliver to your door step ,

Question : Do we have to to pay any custom or VAT in UK ?

Answer: yes in most cases there will be some vat or custom to pay , we will inform you in the event if such a cost has  incurred at the port of destination

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Information & details/pricing etc from Riyadh ti Manchester

I would like to the price air cargo for 50kg fro jeddah to London, based on door to door service. Regards and thanks. Yaslam omar

Please send us your contact details at info@cargolord.com

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