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Islamabad Airport Reliable for Imports?

According to Associations or Freight Forward in Pakistan , the Islamabad Airport is consider to be better option for all imports, elsewhere Karachi Airport considered to be the best for Exports.

We, Cargo Lord Ltd has got 2 Established office in Pakistan one in Islamabad and second in Lahore , this enable us to provide high quality services ,however i must mentioned here that there are many cargo firms in UK who claim to have their on bases in Pakistan which is not entirely true ,they just work with local agent to clear the consignment .

well ! you would say what’s wrong with it ?, I say there is no problem doing this but when comes to any problem i.e missing or broken item they have no say over it, consequently they start playing the blame game where customer lose his belongings.

With us, Cargo Lord Ltd you rest assure we would do our utmost best to deliver .

  • By hisaghir
  • Wed, 01/13/2016 - 18:33
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