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Haz goods List

We do a lot Excess Baggage from UK to Many destination , the biggest problem with excess baggage is the Aerosols , customer just stack them in bags and generally  do forget.

We always  inform them  in advance to not  include any Perfume , Hair spry, Body spray , Room spry or anything to do with spry but guess what ! they simply forgot while packing, result ! all got taken off at the airport .

So if someone out there planning to handover their cargo to us or any other firm please make sure do not put them in as they will not get them at destination ,and yeah !  please do not get confuse if last time you were lucky ,

it doesn’t means that aerosols have become permitted .

Thanks for reading ,

Always remember Cargo Lord Ltd is on Your side .

  • By hisaghir
  • Wed, 01/13/2016 - 18:35
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